Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lawrence Lessig's comments on the Battle for Control of the Internet

Lawrence Lessig's obersvations on the battle for control of the Internet. See also my earlier posting...

Foreign Policy: Seven Questions: Battling for Control of the Internet

Lawrence Lessig: 'The fundamental point I’ve conveyed in my writing and teaching—apparently no policymaker has yet learned this—is that policy is a function of technology. You can’t do policymaking in cyberspace without thinking about the interaction between technology and policy. It’s as ridiculous to be a policymaker and believe that you can make policy without thinking about the technology as it is to be chairman of the Federal Trade Commission and think that you can talk about competition policy without thinking about the economic consequences of the rules you impose. A smart policymaker asks, “What technology will my policy produce?” and “Will the net result of that technology in my policy be the policy result I want?”'