Monday, October 17, 2005

Open Content Alliance (OCA) - Home

Yahoo has chosen a much more collaborative, and less controversial effort. Focusing on public domain materials takes the debate away from the intellectual rights issues in which the Google Library project is embroiled. We will all benefit if Google decides to pursue the legal issues at stake. I hope they do. But, providing access to the public domain material is equally important....

Open Content Alliance (OCA) - Home: "The Open Content Alliance (OCA) represents the collaborative efforts of a group of cultural, technology, nonprofit, and governmental organizations from around the world that will help build a permanent archive of multilingual digitized text and multimedia content. Content in the OCA archive will be accessible soon through this website and through Yahoo!

The OCA will encourage the greatest possible degree of access to and reuse of collections in the archive, while respecting the content owners and contributors. Contributors to the OCA must agree to the principles set forth in the Call for Participation."