Monday, October 10, 2005

Forget Blogs, Print Needs Its Own IPod - New York Times

David Carr suggests that print newspapers need an "IPod" moment. Some new data consumption device needs to be developed that can make the content of the newspaper availalble in a simple to use player like the IPod does for music...

"No wonder that print is taking a hit. In the Ball State study, the Internet in all of its incarnations beat out reading print materials in all forms in every age bracket up to 65.

Print's anachronisms, whether it is the last-mile delivery, the slaying of forests, or the sale of thick packages that most consumers use only small slices of, make change inevitable once a better answer is available.

Consider if the line between the Web and print matter were erased by a device for data consumption, not data entry - all screen, no baggage - that was uplinked and updated constantly: a digital player for the eyes, with an iTunes-like array of content available at a ubiquitous volume and a low, digestible price."