Friday, October 14, 2005

eXploring new dimensions: revisioning library services in the post web environment

OK. We've just come through Web 2.0. We're still developing web services. So what does a post-web environment look like? The article is good, but the idea of a "post-web environment" is intriguing. I've been thinking that we are rapidly moving from desktop and notebook computers to hand-held devices like cell phones. We're looking at the semantic Web. But is this "post-web?"

Abstract: Libraries have provided user focused services for many centuries. The development of the web has enabled a focus on online collections and access support services. After almost a decade of online delivery, this paper reviews the needs of Australians and some of the innovative developments in Australian libraries. It also considers two key questions:

- Have these developments enabled users to overcome the barriers, particularly requirements to know how libraries are organised to truly have a successful find and get experience digitally? and

- What skills have been required of library staff to develop these innovative services?

This paper reports on research into Kinetica, based on focus groups and surveys of end users and library staff. It also covers surveys and focus groups of individuals using the National Library's Copies Direct services as well as other reviews. It then offers some thoughts on the new services which are emerging and comments on the skills and attributes required by library technicians and librarians to develop the next generation of digital library services.