Sunday, September 18, 2005

The developerWorks Power Architecture challenge: Man's best friend (outside of a dog)

"There is one bright spot on the immediate horizon for e-bookery -- electronic paper. This is a catch-all phrase for thin, plastic, embedded with tiny colored balls or black-and-white disks that respond to electric charge, creating text and graphics like pixels on a screen. The stuff is by no means new -- the first versions were cooked up by the wizards at Xerox PARC back in the 1970s -- but recently some commercially viable implementations have shown up -- where else? -- in gadget-mad Japan."

MIT has been working with several companies to develop new technologies to make reading digital text easier to read. Electronic Ink is a technology I've been watching for several months. While we've focused much of our attention on reading electronic texts on computer screens, alternate technologies seem more likely to win the mass market.