Monday, August 08, 2005

Innovate - What Can You Learn from a Cell Phone? Almost Anything!

Innovate - What Can You Learn from a Cell Phone? Almost Anything!:
"There are one and a half billion cell phones in operation around the world, and a large percentage of them are in the hands of students. Yet these phones are barred in most classrooms because they interrupt lessons and can enable cheating. Marc Prensky encourages educators to reconsider their view of mobile technology--and to imagine a pedagogy that embraces its potential. Essentially small computers, cell phones can support language lessons, display animations of medical and chemical processes, be used for polling and testing, serve as the gateway to larger learning resources--and so much more. Prensky explores the possibilities and presents his vision of the new classroom, one in which mobile phones are a key learning tool."
A couple years ago, Marshall Keys predicted that the cell phone would become the primary interface to the library. Whether that happens or not, the cell phones we carry every day have "the computing power of a mid-1990s personal computer (PC)--while consuming only one one-hundredth of the energy. Even the simplest, voice-only phones have more complex and powerful chips than the 1969 on-board computer that landed a spaceship on the moon." We already have the computing power. The question is the interface. And for young adults, the interface may be perfectly acceptable.