Sunday, July 03, 2005

Reinventing journal publishing

abstract: : "The internet has already shaken up the traditional way that information is found and viewed but far more radical changes are possible with the way that research is published. John Smith, a librarian at the UK's University of Kent, argues the case for a completely new model "
Smith's analysis is very much on target, though he makes the DJ model seem more complex than I think it has to be. Being involved in the startup of a new open access journal, my analysis is quite similar. I wonder if there needs to be an independent certifying agency. Though, that is probably what makes it truly distributed and brings autonomy to the Certifying Agency. There is something attractive about this.

I wonder what role libraries might have in the Certifying Agency. In a journal of bibliography, for example, is it possible that the librarian/scholar might be the certifying agency? Or would the subject expertise of the professor/scholar?