Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Deconstructed Journal...

Smith, John W. T. "The Deconstructed Journal -- a new model for academic publishing." Learned Publishing. Volume 12 No. 2 (1999), pp. 79-91.

ABSTRACT: The limitations of existing proposed and operational publishing models intended to replace the academic journal are briefly reviewed. Three ‘insights’ are described, the first is into the ‘means/end’ confusion of much current net-based publishing activity, the second is that it is the purpose, not the form, that is the important aspect of the traditional academic journal model, and the third is that satisfactory net-based publishing models need not contain a central
publisher. From this new viewpoint is developed the Deconstructed Journal (DJ) model which it is suggested is a better model for network based academic publishing. It also solves some of the problems of the current model. Although the main focus of the DJ model is the replacement of the STM journal it has implications for all areas of academic journal publishing.
Smith's observation that most publishing models for online journals mistake the "means for the end" is a good starting point. If one backs away from the goal of trying to create a journal and embraces the goal of trying to facilitate scholarly communication and recognition, the model for what one does is freed from the constraints of a print journal.