Thursday, June 23, 2005

MetaWiki [OCLC - Projects]

OCLC announced several new pilot projects this week including the MetaWicki....

MetaWiki [OCLC - Projects]: "This project leverages open standards, open source software, and existing resources to extend the Wiki model to support the creation and maintenance of structured data. This provides powerful and flexible infrastructure for building new services.

Possible uses for the OCLC MetaWiki infrastructure include the distributed maintenance of registries, and supporting capture of user contributions such as reviews and table of contents to associate with OpenWorldCat entries."
This holds great potential. I've used a wiki as a collaborative writing platform for the development of a Digital Strategy for Boston University Theology Library. It holds great potential for these kinds of uses. If OCLC can develop a wiki capable of dealing with structured data, that would be a significant advance on the technology.