Thursday, June 30, 2005

Eric Lease Morgan’s Top Technology Trends, 2005

Days before the ALA meeting in Chicago, several members of LITA began a conversation on the LitaBlog about technology trends in libraries. Eric Lease Morgan identified several very helpful trends. Several days ago, I posted a comment about one of the trends he identified. I've been thinking a lot about his third trend and I wonder if it is related to a change identified by Lorcan Demsey in which he identifies the trend for information users to do their primary work in "non-library' systems and increasingly expect that library information will be transferred to those systems. The user doesn't really care where the content comes from. They just want the content...
"3. We are increasingly seeing commercial and non-commercial information be accessible side-by-side.

The principles of Open Access publishing and Open Source software are very similar. They are both about providing free access to data, information, and knowledge for the benefit of people everywhere. One will not supplant the other. Support both in order to hedge your bets and continue to remain relevant."