Thursday, June 23, 2005

Eric Lease Morgan’s Top Technology Trends, 2005

LITA Blog | Blog Archive Eric Lease Morgan’s Top Technology Trends, 2005:

Eric Lease Morgan points to a trend I think I've been seeing as well...
"5. You can decreasingly expect people to come to your website for content.

Instead, explore ways to integrate your content and services into the working environments of you patrons. Playing a role in institution-wide portal applications is one example. Create Search Bar tools for Firefox browsers. Explore the use of XUL to create institution-specific interfaces to collections and services. Syndicate your content, and develop tools — gadgets/widgets — providing seamless access to you, your content, and your services from within the user’s browser, email client, and RSS reader."
Students go directly to their search engine of choice, usually Google, bypassing the content we place in the Library's Web site. If Morgan is right, library's need to re-think their publishing strategies.