Thursday, June 23, 2005

Buying Books through Open WorldCat

Alane Wilson from OCLC talks about a new feature on Open WorldCat...

It's all good: Chicago and Buying Books: "Well, in a press release today, OCLC announced that that the newest feature in Open WorldCat will allow users an option to buy books through Baker & Taylor. This will be available soon through the Open WorldCat program and will allow searchers in the United States to buy books online that they find using Open WorldCat through Baker & Taylor.

Here's the really cool part, IMO. OCLC will pursue the best prices and discounts available for people wanting to buy content who will identify their library as part of the transaction. A portion of the proceeds from the book sales will be shared with the named libraries through credits on their OCLC invoices. Our press release says that we hope to expand this feature to libraries outside the United States, to other content formats and to additional vendors in the future."