Monday, March 28, 2005

It's all good: No News is...News?

It's all good: No News is...News?

It's not just an abundance of news that slows down my blogging. It's an abundance of work. I've been working on a major project (a digital strategy document for the library) that seems to occupy much of my time. Writing that document absorbs time and energy that has previously gone into blogging....

Yet, the following statement was intriguing....

excerpt: "Jessamyn asks the hard questions, the ones with the answers nobody wants to hear. You don’t get a long way in the library world by inquiring whether the library, as found, is a good idea; what you get from that is a library that is a good idea, but only after a lot of change. Libraries like to claim they want change. They don’t. Change in the library world comes when it is forced by circumstances: when somebody invents a computer to replace the card catalog, when the Internet comes along to nudge the print world; very few of the crash-bang innovations in the library come from librarians."

I'm proposing that Libraries are prompted to change when internal or external circumstances change, forcing the library to consider alternate directions. Lack of space, demands to support a new degree program, or a change in library staff.