Thursday, November 18, 2004


ResourceShelf: "Web Search--Google
Big News: 'Google Scholar' is Born
By Shirl Kennedy and Gary Price"

Shirl Kennedy and Gary Price provide a brief review of Google Scholar, a new service released this week. Note also John Markoff's article in the NY Times: Google Plans New Service for Scientists and Scholars.

I gave it a whirl this morning. This seems to be building on the new relationship with OCLC. Plenty of books show up in virtually every search I did. As one would expect from the public WorldCat effort, there is a link to a Library Search to locate the book in a local library in addition to the Web Search. Unexpected (at least by me) was the "Cited by" link. I'm curious about where they where this information is coming from. It appears the list of sources citing a particular work is limited to those indexed by Google, but it's an interesting question (among many).