Monday, April 28, 2003

'OpenResolver: a Simple OpenURL Resolver', Ariadne Issue 28

Andy Powell describes UKOLN's OpenResolver, a freely available demonstration OpenURL resolver.

This article provides a brief introduction to the deployment and use of the OpenURL by walking through a few simple examples using UKOLN's OpenResolver, a demonstration OpenURL resolution servic. The intention is to demonstrate the ability of OpenURL resolvers to provide context-sensitive, extended services based on the metadata embedded in OpenURLs and to describe the construction of simple OpenURL resolver software. The software described here is made available on an opensource basis for those who would like to experiment with the use of OpenURLs in their own services. The OpenURL is an important technology in the development of shared, open, reference linking services and is seen as one of the key 'access' components of the developing DNER information environment architecture. The DNER enables people to 'discover', 'access' and 'use' a wide variety of resources. OpenURL resolvers can locate various services associated with a resource, including services that allow the user to request and access it - they can help to solve the 'appropriate copy' problem, namely: "Having discovered a resource, how is the user provided with access to the most appropriate copy, given user and institutional preferences, access rights, cost, etc.? "